Wesley Marshall

Promoting the Gospel Through the Works of the Church

Sermon Series: Promote

February 10, 2019

Bible Text: Matthew 5:14-16 |


Jesus teaches his followers to shine collectively as light, so that those who do not know God will see their good deeds and glorify God. Our good deeds as a church are a means of promoting the Gospel. The result of this will be that those who do not know God will come to worship him as the one and only true God.

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Motives For Right Living

Ephesians - sermon series

August 12, 2018

Bible Text: Ephesians 5:3-20 |


The Apostle Paul provides reasons for why the Ephesians should not follow the example of the unbelievers around them. We will look at these motives followed by the implications of the final motive - "Be filled with the Spirit."

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God’s Manifold Wisdom

Ephesians - sermon series

June 10, 2018

Bible Text: Ephesians 3:1-13 |


God is building His Church with men and women from every ethnicity on the earth through the message of the Gospel. This Church is the means through which God is displaying his multi-faceted wisdom to the heavenly rulers.

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The Passover Lamb

Ancient Grace - sermon series

February 25, 2018

Bible Text: Exodus 12:1-13 |


This sermon is the second in our series Ancient Grace.

Where does the story of Jesus start in the Bible? How you answer that question is going to shape the way you read and understand most of your Bible, particularly the Old Testament. The contention of this sermon series, Ancient Grace, is that the whole Bible, even the Old Testament is actually all about Jesus - about God's grace to us in sending us a Saviour to save us from our sin.

In Exodus 12, we see how God's saving provision for his people on that first Passover night points us to the cross of Jesus Christ.

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