More Than Conquerors

September 24, 2017

Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39 |


This is the last sermon in our "Confident in Christ" series. The end of Romans 8 is one of the most uplifiting passages in Scripture. It contains deep, personal, precious promises for the believer and the reminder that the Gospel itself has the depth and power to hold you regardless of the circumstances around you.

In this series, we are hoping to help instill confidence in the God of the Bible by walking through Romans chapters 5-8, seeing how Paul teaches us the great reason Jesus gives us for having great confidence in God. Your confidence in God is going to swell, because your expectations of God are going to be rightly set and your experience of God is going to match up to those expectations.

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Lamentations 4

Lamentation - Hope in the Darkness

April 20, 2014

Bible Text: Lamentations 4:1-22 |


Old Testament Professor, Gordon McConville writes, "An important part of God's intention in bringing the state of Judah to an end was to show that he himself was the only proper object of the people's trust.

Lamentations stands as a witness against false trust in any institution, including a church, for salvation." No poem in the collection reflects that more than the poem in chapter 4. In this sermon we look at the issue of trust, the consequences of misplacing it, and the reason why our relationship with God alone should be our ultimate trust relationship in life.

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