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I’d Love To Change The World, But I Don’t Know What To Do

My name is Stephen, I’m the pastor of a small church in the Cape Town CBD. Yes, a pastor! That means I spend a lot of time teaching people about the Christian faith. Maybe it’s incredulous to you that educated modern people still believe in the existence of a divine being. Or maybe you think there might be a God out there, but your doubt often gets the better of you. Well, I doubt too. Often actually. If you’d allow me, I’d like to, in the midst of my doubt, share my story of belief with you. I want to try and answer this question: If I made the decision to leave the Christian faith tomorrow, what things would bug me, or haunt me, at the back of my mind, as to whether or not I had made the right decision? In this talk I consider whether or not Christianity provides the best resources for making the world a better place.

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Promoting the Gospel Through the Works of the Church

Sermon Series: Promote

February 10, 2019

Bible Text: Matthew 5:14-16 |


Jesus teaches his followers to shine collectively as light, so that those who do not know God will see their good deeds and glorify God. Our good deeds as a church are a means of promoting the Gospel. The result of this will be that those who do not know God will come to worship him as the one and only true God.

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