Stand Firm

Ephesians - sermon series

August 26, 2018

Bible Text: Ephesians 6:10-24 |


In Paul's closing thoughts in his letter to the Ephesian church he urges his hearers to stand firm in the face of the enemy's attack. In order to do so, he encourages them to understand how Satan works to undermine the power of the Gospel in their lives, and to put on the armour of God.

*Preacher's note: In my preparation, I benefited tremendously from many of Dr. Tim Keller's insights in his treatment of this passage and am grateful to have been able to use some of them as the backbone for parts of this sermon.

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Alive with Christ

Ephesians - sermon series

May 27, 2018

Bible Text: Ephesians 2:1-10 |


This is the third talk in our Ephesians sermon series.

In this passage we consider the concept of slavery to our inner desires in the light of Paul's description of people as "dead in their sins' and the hope of the new life that Christ's resurrection makes possible.

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The True and Greater Israel

Ancient Grace - sermon series

March 18, 2018

Bible Text: Luke 4:1-13 |


This sermon is the fifth in our series Ancient Grace.

Where does the story of Jesus start in the Bible? How you answer that question is going to shape the way you read and understand most of your Bible, particularly the Old Testament. The contention of this sermon series, Ancient Grace, is that the whole Bible, even the Old Testament is actually all about Jesus - about God's grace to us in sending us a Saviour to save us from our sin.

In this sermon we consider Jesus' temptation in the wilderness in Luke chapter 4. Cast against the backdrop of Israel's wilderness wanderings in Deuteronomy, and knowing how they fared in their testings there, the obvious question is how will Jesus respond? As we reflect on the tests he faced and the resistance that he offers, we find our answer to the question "Is he really the true and greater Israel?"

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