Ordinary Justice Conference 2016

Cross-Centered Justice

For over a hundred years the church has had running debates as to which is more important, social justice or gospel proclamation. In this session John Scheepers briefly traced the importance of justice throughout the biblical story and called us to rediscover a cross centered justice movement at the heart of the gospel.

John Scheepers is the Director of Social Justice and Mercy Ministries at Hope City Presbyterian Church. He is a graduate of George Whitefield College and North West University. He is currently studying for a Masters in Missiology at the University of Stellenbosch with a focus on the church and inequality. Before joining Hope City John was involved in a number of church and parachurch ministries in a variety of contexts across Cape Town.

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A Living Wage

September 24, 2016


What would it take for a family to live comfortably without having to struggle for their basic needs to be met in South Africa today? It may surprise you to discover that figure is estimated to be more than double the minimum wage. In this session Brian Koela explored how the Gospel ought to shape our considerations around paying a living wage to those who work for us.

Brian Koela heads up the Church Partnerships Team at The Warehouse. He is a graduate of the Bible Institute of South Africa. Brian brings a wealth of experience in gospel ministry and especially cross-cultural work. Previously Brian has worked for the Student YMCA and pastored a multi-ethnic church in Cape Town.

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Giving and Receiving With Dignity

What does it mean to give and receive in a context of massive inequality in a way that builds dignity for all people? Caroline Powell helped us think through the type of generosity that will enable us to give birth to exciting and achievable ways of giving and receiving with dignity.

Caroline Powell has worked for the past 8 years, with The Warehouse, a worshipping community organization that walks alongside churches as they seek to respond to the issues of poverty, injustice and division. She is currently studying theology at the University of Pretoria, with a focus on leadership in Urban Transformation.


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Generosity Dinners

Generosity Dinners connect people who want to experience collaborative giving. Guests gather together for a shared meal, contribute money into a central fund, share ideas and opportunities about people or projects that they care about, and provide gifts with no strings attached. In this session Valerie Anderson and Nicole Joshua shared with us something of the how and the why of Generosity Dinners.

Nicole Joshua completed her Bachelor of Theology in Community Leadership, majoring in Biblical studies, at Cornerstone Institute in 2011 and then went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree at the University of the Western Cape in 2012. Nicole is a board member of Common Change South Africa. Nicole has previously been involved with crisis pregnancy counselling and taught Biblical Studies at Cornerstone Institute.

Valerie Anderson gives leadership to Common Change South Africa and is producing The Justice Conference South Africa. She holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cape Town. Previously she served as the Operations Director for Common Change globally before launching Common Change in South Africa in 2015.

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