Falling Away

Sermon Series: Jesus is Better - Studies in Hebrews

February 2, 2020

Bible Text: Hebrews 5:11-6:12 |


Although this warning passage in the book of Hebrews has been the subject of much discussion and debate throughout the history of the Church, it is also a source of tremendous encouragement to the believer. It deals with the question of whether or not a Christian can lose their salvation.

In trying to understand this controversial passage, in this sermon we ask three basic questions of the text:

1. What does the whole Bible say about losing your salvation?
2. Who is the person described in verses 4-6?
3. What does this mean for Christian assurance of salvation?

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More Than Conquerors

September 24, 2017

Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39 |


This is the last sermon in our "Confident in Christ" series. The end of Romans 8 is one of the most uplifiting passages in Scripture. It contains deep, personal, precious promises for the believer and the reminder that the Gospel itself has the depth and power to hold you regardless of the circumstances around you.

In this series, we are hoping to help instill confidence in the God of the Bible by walking through Romans chapters 5-8, seeing how Paul teaches us the great reason Jesus gives us for having great confidence in God. Your confidence in God is going to swell, because your expectations of God are going to be rightly set and your experience of God is going to match up to those expectations.

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Jesus Goes To Church 6: Philadelphia

Jesus goes to church

June 15, 2014

Bible Text: Revelation 3:7-13 |


The simple reality of the Christian faith is that it isn't easy. It isn't easy and as a result difficulty is often accompanied by doubt. How do I know I'm really a Christian? How do I even know all this God stuff is real? One of the things we need to keep talking about in the church is assurance. People need to be assured about their faith in the humdrum of life. The Philadelphian church was a struggling, but faithful church in desperate need of tender words of assurance. By listening to what Jesus says to them, we too can find the assurance we need to persevere in the Christian faith.

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